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Additionally, Sugar! was nominated for Best Feature at LIIFE and Best Feature & Best Editor at Glendale.

Sugar! also played at the Big Apple, Chelsea and Louisville International Film Festivals.

Listen to Shari & Alice Ripley talk about being an artist. Watch the official trailer.


Leslie (ALICE RIPLEY), a housewife and 50-plus piano teacher, decides to follow her life-long dream of being a rock ‘n roll singer much to the chagrin of her husband (ROBERT CLOHESSY), who is running for political office and her daughter (LEAH BARKER) who is about to embark for college.


Director’s Statement:

Upon initially reading the script for Sugar! I was struck by the main theme of the  piece. On the surface, it is simply the story of a middle-aged woman who finally  decides to follow her dreams. Underneath, it is a much deeper tale of a woman  who has lost her identity rediscovering who she is and the journey she must take  to find herself.  Her past and identity are fragmented in her mind. Her youth haunts her and  returns to her in sudden waves.

Throughout her journey she must put the pieces  together to reveal a picture of who she is and wants to be or be lost forever. In order to do this, I intend to get into the head of the main character of the film – Leslie. She is defeated at the start of our story. Leslie appears to be a simple  wife who has resigned herself to being the support system for her husband’s  political career…playing it safe, giving piano lessons, being a mom. To me, it is the moments that flash through Leslie’s head as she navigates  through her every day life that reconnect her to living her life to the fullest and  finding out who she really is.  It is her inner monologue and mind’s eye that anchor this piece.

As Leslie sits at  the dinner table disconnected from her family, she remembers the happiness of  her past. As she mourns the death of her friend and fellow musician, she  remembers the thrill of being on stage. As she looks through photos and listens  to the music of her youth, she questions who she has become. As she recollects  the friendships of her past, she learns what loyalty means – not only being true to  everyone else, but true to oneself.  Leslie’s road is a bumpy one with the people around her pulling her in various  directions. She makes mistakes, has an affair, and neglects her teenage  daughter; she is far from perfect. She is a human being…well rounded and  strong.