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In this award-winning, dark, surreal comedy, Cindy Rossberg (Caroline Luft) has apparently killed her fiancé (Trevor Nelson) on her wedding day. Her psychiatrist encourages her to move forward with her life. However, as she attempts to do so, she finds reality too difficult to contend with as she is bound to the events of the past. As she tries to sort things out for herself, Cindy spirals into a wacky world of bizarre situations that become increasingly influenced by a murder mystery she is writing. In the end, Cindy discovers that she must act as her own emancipator in order to free herself from the role she thinks she is expected to play.


Director’s Statement:

When I set out to make My Life as Abraham Lincoln, it was important to me that viewers could see into the mind of the modern day woman, or at least my version of her. She is filled with conflicting views and expectations, but manages to sort through them with the ability to laugh at life’s tragedies, dilemmas and plain absurdities.

I decided to create this film in a “stream of consciousness” style. The main character, Cindy Rossberg, opts to live in a non-linear fashion. She jumps in time and place as she attempts to sort out the incidents that have defined her life. Each incident has its own emotional undercurrent reflected by a constant morphing of styles created by her mind to help deal with her life. These incidents are underlined by subtle references to allow the viewer to sort out the clues of Cindy’s mind. The name Cindy itself is a reference to the original girl of the ashes, Cinderella. There are many hints about the thought process of the main character placed throughout the film. If you really wanted to you could logically decipher exactly what Cindy’s narrative journey is through these hints. However, to me, the film is about the rollercoaster ride of the dichotomy of being a woman in the 21st Century and not so much about the narrative of the piece. In the end, it is for each viewer to decide what is real and what is not just as it is up to Cindy to decide how to view and live her life.