What if you were the most beautiful and popular girl in school and hated it? Where would you turn for help?

In this family drama, a thirteen-year-old aspiring cheerleader and a thirteen-year-old classical singer spend the summer before high school learning that fitting in is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Amy, the thirteen-year-old daughter of a former cheerleading captain who has just moved to a small town, discovers that she hates cheerleading and pretending to be friends with all the popular girls. Meanwhile, outcast Agatha Adams – a thirteen-year-old classical singer in the same small town – struggles facing the fact that her neighbors and even her older brother, Jacob, enjoy watching the cheerleaders dance in skimpy outfits more than listening to her sing great musical works. 

Amy is overwhelmed at the prospect of making herself popular and feels guilty about the pressures her recently divorced mother feels being a single parent. After a failed suicide attempt, Agatha’s close friend and class intellect, Wendy, befriends her. This greatly upsets Agatha who hates all cheerleaders.

In the end, Agatha, Amy and Wendy form a unique alliance. And, this unexpected threesome (the most beautiful girl in school, the biggest outcast in the town and the most intellectual student) learns it’s okay to do what you love even if it is not popular with the mainstream crowd.