Shari talks about her first feature here.

There have always been female filmmakers, but they are seemingly much more rare because they don’t get as much exposure or backing. This needs to change. Our voices are different from men and they need to be heard equally. One does not take a slot from the other. The need for content is so much greater now. There is room for everyone – men and women.
Additionally, the film industry seems to be stuck in some sort of loop. The bigger studios seem to more and more attracted to making action packed, constant explosion dodging films with little substance. They are a safe bet, I suppose. However, not everyone wants the amusement park ride. The ride that is a thrill one minute and then forgotten the next. The audience for films that make you think or leave vivid impressions in your mind is still out there. I am sure it is not just me.
My goal as a filmmaker is to make films that have strong female characters – characters that we can all look to and think “I want to be like her” or “I thought I was the only one who felt like that” or “I can’t believe she did that.” I want to make films that take the techniques created throughout film history – from the Silent Film Era to the French New Wave to the advent of CGI – and create unique pictures that are not only engaging in the moment, but stay in your thoughts for weeks after you have seen them.


In a world where everything is constantly changing, filmmakers create things that can live on forever. I want to make the most of that ability.